About Us


In 2011, Stemilt Growers introduced Lil Snappers® to grocery stores everywhere
so that kids could enjoy their favorite apple and pear varieties in a size grown just for
them. The following year, Sunkist Growers joined in on the fun and started including
citrus, another kid favorite, in Lil Snappers® packages.

Stemilt and Sunkist share a lot of the same company values. Not only have they been
growing great fruits for generations, but they both do so by taking care of the land.

Stemilt is a family-owned and operated company based in Wenatchee, Washington that grows, packs, ships, and markets fresh apples, pears, cherries, and stone fruits.

Sunkist is a not-for-profit marketing cooperative entirely owned and run by California and Arizona farmers who have been growing citrus for generations.

Together, Stemilt and Sunkist are proud to produce the highest quality apples,
pears, and citrus varieties for Lil Snappers. From our farms to your table, we hope
you enjoy the flavor and nutrition in our Lil Snappers® kid-sized fruit bags.