Little Dinos

  • Yield
    Makes two “dinosaurs” servings
  • Prep time
  • Cook time
  • Level
Rounds of Lil Snappers citrus easily transform these Lil Snappers pears into baby dinosaurs, making snack time a roaring good adventure.


  • 2 Lil Snappers d’Anjou pears, halved lengthwise, core and stem removed
  • 2 Lil Snappers citrus, of your choice (Navel, Minneola tangelo, California Mandarin), cut into wheels*
  • Raisins, optional (to line serving dish)


Cut an opening in the rind of one citrus wheel and carefully pull ends of wheel open to better expose flesh. Lay wheel flat on cutting board and, with a small paring knife, cut between each segment to cleanly separate triangular sections to create “scales.” Repeat with remaining citrus wheels.

Use toothpicks (snapped in half) to carefully secure citrus wheels to backs of each pear. Beginning at the stem-end of fruit, place 3 or 4 toothpick halves along rind (between segments) and allow extra length of citrus to hang from base end of fruit, to resemble a “tail.”

*To make citrus wheels, turn fruit on its side and slice both ends off; discard ends. Continue slicing remaining fruit crosswise into ½-inch rounds (makes approximately 3 to 5 wheels, depending on citrus variety).